KY GOP Voters Pissed At New Teabagger Gov For Following Through On Promise To Kill Their Obamacare

Kentucky has had, by any measurement, a wildly successful implementation of a state health insurance exchange and Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act. A substantial number of those benefiting from this are poor people in more rural areas of the state, who are overwhelmingly Republican. These are the same people who elected a Tea Party Governor promising to take away their health insurance.

Obamacare literally rescued over half a million people in Kentucky from dying due to lack of healthcare, or from bankruptcy due to medical bills.

To show their appreciation, Kentuckians elected a governor who promised to destroy their health insurance exchange.

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Tea Party elect, Governor Matt Bevin, ran on a platform promising to completely remove the Kentucky state exchange as well as removing the Medicaid expansion so many poor Republican Kentuckians relied on. So of course, Republicans voted for him in droves.

MSNBC reports on one individual who depended on Obamacare, who also knowingly voted for Bevin:

Dennis Blackburn has this splintered self-interest. The 56-year-old mechanic hasn’t worked in 18 months, since he lost his job at a tire company that supplies a diminishing number of local coal mines…. He has a hereditary liver disorder, numbness in his hands and legs, back pain from folding his 6-foot-1-inch frame into 29-inch mine shafts as a young man, plus an abnormal heart rhythm – the likely vestige of having been struck by lightning 15 years ago in his tin-roofed farmhouse.
Blackburn was making small payments on an MRI he’d gotten at Pikeville Medical Center, the only hospital in a 150-mile radius, when he heard about Big Sandy’s Shelby Valley Clinic. There he met [Mindy] Fleming, who helped him sign up for one of the managed-care Medicaid plans available in Kentucky.

One has to ask, why in the name of God would anyone, even a Republican, vote for someone who was guaranteeing to take away their desperately needed health insurance? When asked, Blackburn said he voted for Bevin because he is not a “career politician”.

Blackburn then went on to tell the Washington Post:

[I]t doesn’t look to me as if [Bevin] understands. Without this little bit of help these people are giving me, I could probably die…. It’s not right to not understand something but want to stamp it out.

Honestly, why? Why would you do this? Matt Bevin never hid his intentions AT ALL during his campaign, but this person voted for him anyway. Then he acts surprised and upset that Bevin will do exactly what he said he would do. What in the hell goes through a Republican’s mind when they vote?

To top it all off, Bevin publicly promised to release his tax returns after the election. When asked with his win, if he would do so,  he flatly said “I don’t.” He also pledged to remove all county clerk names from marriage licenses, because somehow this will create jobs and defeat the terrorists.

Does any Republican actually feel good about voting for this guy now? I really want to know.


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