Kochs Plan For Election Outlined In Secret Memo Shows Democrats Need To Start Worrying

Kochs plan to throw unprecedented financial might into 2016 election, and Democrats need to be worried.

Charles and David Koch are the evil arch-nemesis to liberals and Democrats everywhere. They threw millions of dollars into the midterm elections, of which only 36.4 percent of Americans voted in, which resulted in a GOP sweep that gave the right wing stronger control over the House and a majority in the Senate which left Democrats with only President Obama to make sure they didn’t create a Libertarian hellscape out of America.

Koch-backed governors have bankrupted their states by cutting taxes to the richest and the lost revenue from those cuts have devastated the poor and working class after their social programs, education, and healthcare funding was slashed to balance the budget.

In short, the Kochs are libertarian monsters who want to radically change America and they’re throwing their full weight into the 2016 presidential election — and this is bad for the Democrats.

Initially, the Koch brothers supported their favored puppet Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI), but after he flubbed an interview with The Washington Post saying he is staunchly against immigration reform, which the Koch brothers are in favor of for nefarious cheap labor/low wages reasons, they pulled their support saying they are keeping their options open.

Basically, they’re going to make GOP candidates court the brothers for campaign donations, and the Kochs only want the most radical hard-right puppet for the job. Currently, they like 5 candidates right now and will allow Jeb Bush to “audition” for their support. They don’t expect to throw much money into primaries, but will intervene if a member of the GOP is an anathema to one of their choice candidates.

The confidential document obtained by Politico, outlines the Koch’s plans for 2016 and how they will achieve landing one of their puppets in the White House.

First, the document says they are “beefing up” their networks state-of-the-art data systems which will allow them to data mine 250 million Americans, nearly the entire country, in order to strategize more efficiently to pull in more votes. The network, which they have poured tens of millions of dollars into, will have advanced technology in “polling, message-testing, fact-checking, advertising, media buying, dial groups and donor maintenance,” according to Politico. This system actually exceeds the Republican National Committee’s capabilities in data research.

Second, the document shows the Kochs are prepared to fork out millions to pay staff in communities across the nation to get-out-the-vote. The financial backing to this is remarkable because usually campaign staff are volunteers, but there is so much secret money in conservative politics, they are actually able to pay their volunteers and this is unheard of from a third-party group.

The Koch’s have also put a price on 2016, they are planning on throwing $889 million at the election, which makes them more powerful than the Republican party. Essentially, they are buying the government to implement their libertarian agenda.

What is the Libertarian agenda?

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) posted David Koch’s platform in 1980 when he ran for Vice President to the Libertarian Party.

In short, here are a few of the more hair-raising ideals the Kochs stand for:

  • Abolition of Medicare and Medicaid
  • Deregulation of medical insurance industry
  • Repealing the social security program
  • Opposition to all personal and corporate taxation, and essentially all taxation
  • Opposition to minimum wage laws
  • Opposed to government funded schools and government education laws
  • Abolition of Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Transportation, Department of Energy, and the Food and Drug Administration
  • Dissolution of all welfare programs that benefit children
  • Repeal of all gun laws
  • Dissolution of all tax-funded Children’s Services

This is a short list of what the Koch’s expect from the puppet they financially back. Undoubtedly they expect their candidate to defund Obamacare, which gave millions of Americans much needed health insurance. Americans can’t expect wages to increase or even be regulated if the Koch’s get their way. And they want all areas of government which ensure the health and safety of citizens shut down.

Currently, there is no candidate this far to the right, but once those donations are accepted from the Koch’s they will be expected to work for the conniving brothers.

And the Koch’s hope to achieve a victory while running the dirtiest smear campaign of Hillary Clinton’s “scandals” and all her stances on issues.

So while Clinton is polling favorably now, just know that the Koch’s haven’t even started with her, and it’s going to take every single Democratic vote in this country to ensure the Koch’s don’t get their way with America, because if Kansas is any indication of how the Koch’s expect their candidates to run the country, we’re in for a world of hurt.


H/T: Politico | Photo: Flickr

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