Koch Bros. Finger Scott Walker For 2016 Election And Have $900 Million To Make It Happen (VIDEO)

Scott “Don’t-Call-Me-Street” Walker’s pandering to the more self-serving portion of our friends on the Right may be about to pay off. It seems the Koch brothers have their eyes on the Wisconsin governor for the 2016 presidential race, and they’re prepared to spend something in the ballpark of $900 million on stacking the election to make it happen.

According to Monday’s New York Times, the billionaire siblings, Charles and David Koch, will be backing the Republican Party’s candidate, but they feel that candidate should be Scott Walker. You know, “Right to Work” Walker; climate denying Walker; war on education Walker – Mr. “punt” on evolution, himself.

The Koch boys made their wishes clear during a Republican Party fundraiser, Monday, in New York, according to at least two people in attendance.

The Koch brothers, as they are commonly known and referred to, are some of the biggest donors to (and hence influences on) modern day elections. Winning their support can often mean winning elections, as it’s hard for many candidates to compete against such large amounts of money.

Naturally, conservative candidates seek the glow of the Koch cuff links like Romeo sought Juliet’s lips, and Walker has done his share of puckering up to know it doesn’t hurt to apply a little lip balm to keep your lips from drying out. Along with all the subjects Walker is notoriously loathed for mentioned above, he’s also made it clear he doesn’t support any path toward citizenship for illegal immigrants. It’s no wonder the Kochs are into backing him; Walker’s painted himself up just right for Big Daddy – papas one and two.

While it is still unclear to what degree the Koch brothers intend to aid Walker in his primary run, the publicly stated support is likely to get the attention of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, whose household name and fundraising quarries would certainly prove quite a formidable match for the Wisconsin governor.

David Koch later clarified at the event that while the brothers’ political organizations will not be backing any one candidate throughout the primary election, members of the family would be free to (and just might opt to) support Walker in some way.

They say money can’t buy you love. Let’s hope it doesn’t always buy you elections.

H/T: huffingtonpost.com | Featured image: via constantinereport.com & Flickr

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