KKK Threatens 84-Year-Old Woman Who Escaped The Nazis Because She Criticized Trump

Louise Mayerson lives in the Boston suburb of Arlington, Massachusetts. When she was a child, Mayerson fled her native Austria along with her family to escape the Nazis and the strong likelihood of death at their hands. So it’s fair to say that Mayerson understands a thing or two about megalomaniacal leaders.

Mayerson spoke out about Donald Trump’s refusal to distance himself from former KKK leader David Duke in a letter published in the Boston Globe on March 2. In that letter she says:

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I am an Austrian refugee from the time of Hitler who has been a US citizen for more than 70 years. I have found some alarming rhetoric coming from Donald Trump that is apparently finding approval from large numbers of my fellow Americans. With Trump’s rather ambiguous response concerning his disavowal of the support of former Klansman David Duke, I have reached my breaking point.

She goes on to talk about how everyone knows what the KKK believes in, and says that when Trump didn’t immediately reject the support of Duke, it “chilled my blood.” Mayerson ends her short letter by saying that she could see herself having to flee America to return to her native Austria, where “hateful rhetoric is now strictly forbidden and punishable by law.”

Those are powerful words coming from someone who fled one of the greatest catastrophes in world history. And what an shock it must be for Mayerson that many Americans are supporting a man who is espousing ideals that their parents and grandparents fought against not so long ago.

Now the Boston Globe is reporting that following the publication of Mayerson’s letter, she was threatened by the Klan. Mayerson told the Globe that shortly after her letter appeared in the paper, she received a copy of the KKK’s symbol in the mail.

Mayerson said that she received an envelope with a Boston postmark. Inside the envelope was the KKK symbol of a white cross on a red background, similar to the one below.

via Wikimedia Commons

via Wikimedia Commons

Mayerson is defiant. “My outrage grows and grows and grows,” she says. “And it’s flamed by the irresponsible actions, frankly, of Donald Trump.”

When someone with the life experiences of a Louise Mayerson speaks out about Donald Trump, don’t you think it would be a good idea for Americans to listen?

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