KKK Grand Wizard: Trump Is More Radical Than Me

Bernie Sanders has been saying it. Hillary Clinton has been saying it. The DNC has been saying it. Almost everyone with a brain has been saying it: Donald Trump is a bigot. He’s a hateful, xenophobic (and racist) extremist. What’s even worse is the fact that he’s given the bigots of America (closeted or not) the ability to proudly come out and exult their own bigotry, seemingly without consequence.

David Duke, former Grand Wizard of the KKK, is taking full advantage of the Donald – even though Trump speaks more radically than himself.

In an interview with a “Fox affiliate” (as Duke seems to label it), Duke said Trump’s campaign is a positive for the American political system because “There’s less political correctness and people are getting the courage to speak out.” In other words, there’s less civility, and people are getting the courage to be race-baiting demagogues. Duke continued:

I think the appeal of Donald Trump is the fact that he’s giving voice to a lot of people, including, and I think he represents the rights of all people in this country, but he actually includes the values and the interests of the Eurpoean-American majority, and I think that’s the underlying appeal behind his popularity.

Duke, however, wasn’t all praise for the GOP frontrunner. Apparently the billionaire mogul speaks more radically than the former Grand Wizard of America’s larges terrorist organization, something that could spell trouble for their political, cultural and social desires:

As far as what I see, according to the candidates that are out there now, Republicans and Democrats, I think he’s head and shoulders right now above the rest. I don’t agree with everything he says, he speaks a little more, actually he speaks a little more, a lot more radically than I talk. And I think that’s a positive and negative.

Considering both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton beats Trump by double-digits in a general election matchup, I’d say it’s pretty negative.

It’s no secret Donald Trump attracts white-supremacists, but what does it say when even the white-supremacists say his rhetoric is too much?

Featured image via SPLC

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