Kimmel Hilariously Mocks Trump’s ‘Poorly Educated’ Supporters, And They Probably Won’t Get It (VIDEO)

Donald Trump knows who his audience is and who’s voting for him — to use his own words, the “poorly educated.”

This announcement prompted Jimmy Kimmel Live to take aim at Trump and his “poorly educated” voter base on Wednesday night with a fake campaign advertisement, and the results were hilarious.

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“Poorly-Educated Americans for Trump”

The population voting for Trump certainly aren’t rocket scientists. Study after study has confirmed this — whether it’s a Flesch-Kincaid analysis of his speeches showing he speaks at a fourth grade level or a study of misspelled and misused words, Trump’s audience seems to be the sort of people Idiocracy warned us about.

Now, I normally give people the benefit of a doubt, since I recognize that not everyone is intelligent in the same way. Furthermore, these studies are often culturally skewed, and favor white culture over other cultures, since white culture is the invisible baseline against which all things are compared in the United States. However, most people are intelligent in some way.

But I’m not giving Trump’s supporters the benefit of a doubt; many of them are fascist, Klan-supporting Neo-Nazis. Furthermore, they’re almost entirely white, and if they can’t score high on tests that are weighted in favor of them from the start, then they deserve ruthless mockery.

And Trump knows it! That’s the thing — Trump knows it, and they know it, too, and they don’t care.

It’s what makes Kimmel’s fake ad inevitable, and it’s what makes the ad such a skewering satire — even if Trump’s supporters won’t understand what makes it funny.

Entitled “Poorly-Educated Americans for Trump,” the fake campaign commercial has a number of absolutely hilarious malapropisms, all while ringing true to something the candidates might actually say.

While all Americans may not be idiots, there are certainly idiots among us. Most of them are lining up to support Trump — and Trump knows it.

Watch the fake advertisement below:


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