Killing Dissent: Racist Media Claims Panther ‘Plot’ Foiled ‘Because Their EBT Card Ran Out’ (VIDEO)

The racist smear campaign continues against two members of the St. Louis chapter of the New Black Panther Party.

The latest update to this trumped up attempt to justify the violence against protestors, to the media blackouts whenever it suits authorities, to supposed vindication of even the murder of Michael Brown and threats of further murder by the KKK, now comes with the allegation that the two members of the Panthers accused of allegedly trying to secure explosives and firearms to blow up the Gateway Arch, kill prosecutor Robert McCulloch and Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson, as well as vaguely stated, “harm police,” were unable to carry out their plan due to running out of money on their EBT card.

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Yep, you heard that racist tripe right.

These allegedly “dangerous radicals” were set to become domestic terrorists, but their welfare ran out, at least according to states in an article published Nov. 29:

The two men were caught trying to buy pipe bombs in a law enforcement sting.

Yet in their article published a week earlier they state:

The two men were arrested for attempting to purchase firearms for fellow members of the New Black Panther Party.

Numerous other media outlets have been no more consistent.

So which is it, media? Were these men arrested for trying to “aggressively pursue explosives,” or because they had actually acquired explosives? Or were they arrested because they purchased firearms in a time when firearms were flying off the shelves in the greater St. Louis area under the pretense by authorities that they planned to give the firearms to someone else – a charge that has yet to be confirmed, or for which they’ve yet to be convicted?

Why the lack of consistency? Why the lack of evidence to share with the public that this plot, in fact, was real, rather than manufactured?

And doesn’t the allegation that the plot was only foiled because these two young men couldn’t come up with the money they needed due to their EBT cards running out play right into the conservative and national media’s hands, not to mention law enforcement’s? Showing these men as hypocrites, as moochers off a system and government from which they allegedly seek to destroy through violence only helps complicate the national outlook on the Ferguson protestors, which in turn, helps create a greater case for siding with local authorities. It muddies what has been pretty clear water from the beginning, and that’s just what authorities need right now, considering the extremely shoddy work by prosecutor McCulloch and the grand jury. It lessens the heat.

If the black community and black radicals in the greater Ferguson area can be marginalized by calling their tactics and integrity into question, it makes the militaristic tactics by authorities seem less over the top.

It is a soft justification for their behavior and calls into question the protestors as a whole. In a way, it even somewhat seconds the conservative media’s portrayal of Michael Brown as a thief and a thug. In short, it confirms white America’s stereotypes of black America.

Many sources seem to be taking their cues from local law enforcement, which at this point, should be considered highly dubious, to say the least, in addition to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, but even that publication states the two men only allegedly purchased what they thought to be a single pipe bomb. And their sources are? Again, most likely local law enforcement.

And those “sources” are the same origin from which the claims are being made that the men sought to seek more pipe bombs to aid in their agenda once more money was put on their EBT cards. Come on, folks. As if these men were naïve enough to believe that a few pipe bombs could take down the Arch anyway? That’s just absurd.

No, this is an attempt to make the black community and protestors seem like stupid, violent, mooching thugs, but if you’ve been paying attention, you know who the real thugs are — the police.

It is an oblique method for making authorities seem just, smart, and peaceful in nature – peaceful, mind you, through the argument that the violence being used is self-defense against these protestors. But by that same argument, the New Black Panther Party, which they attempt to sell to the public as a violent organization, is just what it has always said it was — a peaceful organization that believes in the right to self-defense.

Yet the news goes on and on about this alleged plot, attempting to complicate public support of Michael Brown, the people protesting in the name of justice for Brown, and the black community as a whole.

The St. Louis chapter of the Panthers has also allegedly released a statement denying such behavior by their members, underlining that they are a peaceful organization that believes in the right to self-defense, and an organization that does not seek offensive violence in any manner. That statement, stated by media to be on their Facebook page, is nowhere to be found.

It’s all just a smear campaign, and one that is extremely old hat. It’s been done and done again, over and over through the years. Read your history. If you’re unwilling to read that, at least read one more article by “If You Only News” to get more background on this case, and to see exactly why this is nothing but a racist smear campaign in order to validate the violence and racism projected by the system in the wake of Michael Brown’s murder.

Two men’s lives hang in the balance. Meanwhile, no real evidence has been brought forth.

Reports are vague and inconsistent at best. One thing they are consistently doing, however, is filling the public’s mind with defamatory allegations. These are tactics proven to be used against dissenters throughout American history.

You can read that background article, here.

And before you’re done, take a look at this video of Olajuwon Davis speaking about human rights, peace and love, and ask yourself if you really believe this man was seeking to kill a prosecutor, a police chief, and blow up the St. Louis Gateway Arch.

Again, I call bullsh*t.

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