Khizr Khan TEARS INTO Trump Over His Heartless Purple Heart Moment (VIDEO)

Donald Trump is getting worse by the day, and a rally in Virginia proved it. He accepted a Purple Heart from a fan who is a veteran, and made flippant comments about it, saying that he had always wanted a Purple Heart, but this way was “much easier.” Well, Khizr Khan, the man who has become an instant national figure after his inspiring speech on Trump’s horrific comments regarding Muslim Americans at the Democratic National Convention, is weighing in, and Trump won’t like it at all. Khan, who is the father of Army Captain Humayun Khan, who gave his life for America, lit into Trump in epic fashion during an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

Khan said of Trump’s latest horrible display:

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You had your chance. You escaped. You dodged the draft ― and now you want an ‘easy’ Purple Heart in your pocket? You should have pinned it back. Even now, call that man. I want his surrogates to call that man, thank him and put that Purple Heart back on that person’s chest.

He wants to be the leader, commander-in-chief of this United States of America? That is the thoughtfulness? He should have put that Purple Heart back. If he would have been sensible he would have known what it takes to earn that Purple Heart.

Khan is right, of course. Donald Trump is a spoiled, selfish toddler who got multiple deferments to avoid being drafted during the Vietnam War. If he wanted a Purple Heart that badly, he would have earned it. The thing is, considering the fact that the Purple Heart is the medal one gets when injured – or posthumously if killed – in battle in service to this country, Trump’s cavalier attitude and callous comments are just beyond the pale. Every time we think  he can sink no lower, he does.  Then again, it’s Donald Trump, and nothing he says or does should surprise us at all anymore. The fact that he is the standard-bearer, chosen by the primary voters of a major American political party, though, really should give the GOP leadership pause and a reason to ask themselves if this is who they really want to be.

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