Kentucky Republicans Vote Against Themselves – Elect Governor To Take Away Their Health Insurance

Kentucky Republicans proved yet again, that they will vote against their own self interests at literally any level, just because they hate the fact our president is black. With the recent election, Tea Party governor Matt Bevin was ushered into office on a promise to take their health insurance away from them.

Yes that is right. Kentucky Republicans elected a Tea Partier that literally told them he would take away their health insurance by removing the WILDLY successful Kentucky Kynect Obamacare state exchange program.

Seriously, what the hell do you even say to this stuff? Together, the ACA and Kentucky’s incredibly successful state exchange implementation, which was probably the most successful in the entire country, lifted 500k+ Kentuckians out of uninsured status. The Medicaid expansion alone helped somewhere around 400k alone. The uninsured rate in Kentucky was cut by more than half. These were the poorest Kentuckians in the most rural and Republican areas that benefited from this, and they voted to have someone take it away from them.

Bevin says he wants to seek a section 1115 waiver, which some states like Pennsylvania and Indiana have procured, that allow them to “experiment” with other usually worse versions of the ACA, in order to be ignorant and snub Obama for political purposes. You don’t experiment with the deaths of your citizens, A-holes.

Bevin tried to describe his reasoning, which is a lie, for removing the ACA expansion in KY during an NPR interview:

Host: You said you’re going to draw down the number of people on Medicaid in the state. What’s your plan for that?

Bevin: Of necessity it will have to happen. Because there literally is no ability for us from a budgetary standpoint to afford 25 to 30 percent of Kentuckians on Medicaid…

Of necessity we must scale this back. The way you do this is just to make it not as accessible for folks going forward. There’s re-enrollment for Medicaid, just as there is for any number of other programs, etc. So we would not allow people to re-enroll, going forward, at 138% of the federal poverty level. Is that done immediately? That will be done in a uniform fashion because you can’t just simply end it on day one. You have to of necessity start to do this as people enroll anyhow. So we are going to scale it back. We cannot afford to do otherwise.

Bevin’s claim that the state can’t afford expanded Medicaid is a complete lie, because the Federal government is going to be covering the costs of it for the states that take the expansion. The estimated increase in state costs is only 2.8%, but will end up being a net savings due to the fact states will no longer have to cover the costs of completely uninsured people who are basically emergency room write-offs that end up paying no money at all.

Rest assured that this will not go well for the ignorant Tea Partiers and Republicans that yet again voted against their own best interests. When they lose their health insurance, their new governor will blame Obama, they will believe it, and probably go spend 6 months worth of money they could buy health insurance with on a gun.

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