Kentucky Republican Says The 1st Amendment Guarantees His Right To Take Legal Bribes

Most people these days are fully aware of the corrupt money mill that is our elected legislature. Lobbying and Citizens United have ensured a flood of corporate money flowing into elections, down to the most local of levels, drowning out the will of the people.

Now a Republican legislator from Kentucky has taken it to a whole new level of shamelessness and arrogance. John Schickel, R, KY, Senate District 11, has filed a court case saying that there should essentially not be limits on the amount of money, favors, gifts or other compensation given by lobbyists to legislators.

Schickel, along with two Libertarian candidates, have filed a suit in federal court challenging the restrictions on lobby-sourced money, gifts, or favors saying that it violates the 1st amendment.

Ever since the Supreme Court ruled that money = speech and corporations = people, this has been a persistent problem and now it seems like it is on the verge of a dangerous new precedent.

If the court rules in the favor of Schickel and his confederates, they will set a precedent for a flood of similar suits to turn up all across the country. In one of the lawsuit’s statements, Schickel complains that he “would attend holiday parties, hosted by longstanding friends, who are lobbyists or employ lobbyists,” if it weren’t for these restrictions.

Poor guy. It makes your heart bleed for him, doesn’t it? I’m sorry his job means that he cannot have friends.

Schickel has stated that he will need an estimated $350,000 to fund his next election campaign, but so far has only been able to get $98,000 – probably because he has limits on how much corporate money he can take from a handful of donors, rather than going out and being a man of the people and asking for their collective help. Big shock there, right?

Hopefully Schickel and his corporate shills lose, and this loss will serve as a precedent to deny further loosening of money in politics. We know, however, that since the Citizens United ruling anything is possible when corporations move their money in the courts.

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