Kellyanne Conway Has A Brain Malfunction On GMA, Says The ONE Word She Shouldn’t Have (VIDEO)

Poor Kellyanne Conway. Donald Trump’s most beleaguered campaign staffer and perhaps the most miserable woman in America right now made an appearance on Good Morning America in an effort to stop her candidate’s downward spiral. Unfortunately she ended up only making things worse for him with a spectacular Freudian slip.

As part of Trump’s suicidal effort to take the Republican Party down with him, Conway was on the show to soften the edges on Trump’s explicit threats to Paul Ryan and other GOP leaders who may be considering abandoning Trump and saving themselves. Host George Stephanopoulos noted the fact that Trump had spent yesterday cursing Paul Ryan for distancing himself from the campaign only to later announce that he didn’t even want his support. As usual, it came down to Conway to explain Trump’s blatant doublespeak.

Perhaps her brain’s ability to handle the hypocrisy finally caused a processing error, but she let out the one word the Trump campaign was working very hard to make America forget by Election Day.


“Well we want the support of anybody who is going to publicly endorse us, but enough of the pussyfooting around…”

Nice going, Kellyanne! Less than a week after Trump’s campaign’s slogan was unofficially changed from “Make America Great Again” to “Grab ’em by the pussy,” she was there to slip that word into a morning talk show – and give a good reason for Paul Ryan to continue to run from Trump.

But maybe nobody noticed…


Featured image via Good Morning America

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