Kellyanne Conway Dances In Frying Pan While NOT Giving Answers About Trump’s Voter Fraud Claims

Recently, Donald Trump’s former campaign manager and current senior advisor Kellyanne Conway had trouble spinning Trump’s absurd voter fraud claims when put on the spot.

Conway sat down with ABC’s Good Morning America and spoke with host George Stephanopoulos about the election and Trump’s plans for the future.

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However, it seems that the usually well-prepared former campaign manager was knocked off balance when asked to explain this tweet from her boss alleging wide-spread voter fraud.

Stephanopoulos asked Conway:

“[Trump] sent out the tweet saying he would have won the popular vote if millions of illegal voters had not voted. That claim is groundless. Isn’t it irresponsible for a president-elect to make false statements like that?”

Conway proceeded to skip straight from spinning her boss’s words to outright evasion. She replied:

“I think it’s groundless for — talk about fake news. The fake news is that somehow the popular vote is more important than the electoral college vote now. I mean, I watched ABC and other networks are you religiously, George. All I saw was Road to 270. I never heard road to popular.”

The host pressed her and said:

“That’s not what I asked. No one is questioning — no one is questioning the victory. I said is it appropriate, is it responsible for a president-elect to make false statements like that?”

Feeling the heat from Stephanopoulos’ frying pan, Conway changed the subject again going into a long diatribe about recount efforts in other states and then mentioned Kris Kobach’s erroneous assertions about voting fraud in Kansas.

“Conway said, ‘The President-elect has been talking to different people including Kris Kobach of Kansas about voting irregularities or the number of illegal votes that may have been cast, and i believe he based his information on that.’

George replied, ‘There is no evidence that there were millions of illegal votes, zero.'”

Conway switched subjects again, this time she whined about the media and legitimate recount efforts underway in some of the battleground states.

She cried:

“Why can’t you allow this President-elect to form his government the way that President Obama and Secretary Clinton had suggested they would like him to do?”

It’s hard to blame Conway for not wanting to answer the question about Trump’s voter fraud claims. After all, it’s not like he just sent one tweet alleging fraud.

No, no.

Like a toddler on a brand new toy drum set, Trump repeatedly beat on his unfounded assertions again and again in a barrage of tweets that followed the original.

But this had to be the best one.

Shame! Shaaame I say! Bad reporter! Bad! Bad! Bad!

Trump manages to give legitimacy to the same recount efforts he rails against by claiming that he won a “fair and free election,” but then suggesting that the same election was plagued by massive voter fraud against him.

And the contradiction train called the Trump Campaign rolls on. Next stop, the White House.

But hey, look on the bright side America. What’s the worst that could happen?

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