Kelly Clarkson CRUSHES Conservative Troll Whining About Michelle Mentioning Slaves During Her Speech

Conservatives hate mentions of slavery — and to a degree, I can understand why. I mean, when you define your cultural identity by the fact that you’re stupid enough to allow plantation aristocrats in the Old South to take advantage of you, being sensitive and demanding a politically correct handling of that heritage is understandable.

Because let’s face it: when you fly the Confederate Flag, “I’m proud my poor, white family members were tools who got suckered by the aristocracy into thinking they were important and were too stupid to see otherwise” is one of the many, many things you’re saying. And when you vote Republican, you aren’t breaking that chain.

Thus, a great many of them were absolutely livid when Michelle Obama reminded them the White House, like the United States, was built by slaves — a claim that is absolutely true.

For instance, one conservative who took to Twitter to whine that, “I’m not sure I liked the part where she said the White House was built by slaves.” Because only a conservative could get offended by reality.

This was a natural setup, especially considering that the conservative in question had tweeted this to Kelly Clarkson — who promptly delivered a spectacular burn:


I think she just vaporized the poor guy. Not that he didn’t deserve it.

Feature image via Twitter

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