Keith Olbermann Begs Foreign Intel Agencies To Save Us From Trump (VIDEO)

Keith Olbermann has been speaking out against Donald Trump for months via his show on GQ, The Resistance. He has continuously warned us about how dangerous this man is to our democracy. But on Thursday, he did something that was both unexpected and yet arguably necessary at this point: He pleaded with foreign intelligence agencies from around the world to help save the citizens of the U.S. from this “coup” by releasing any damning information they may have on the Trump administration.

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Olbermann begged these intel agencies, from all across the globe, to make the information they are rumored to have available to the American public. He urged them not to wait, to act now. Give the information to a reporter, leak it, put it on the internet, leave it outside someone’s back door, he pleaded in desperation.

Trump has fired the man investigating him, crippling our own intelligence agencies in the process, Olbermann continued. American citizens have lost their democracy as a result of this coup, and Republicans, the very people who have the power to stop him today, are choosing to do nothing. In a last ditch effort to save the U.S. from Trump, Olbermann has turned to the only people left that can help us: the intelligence agencies of other countries.

Whether or not Olbermann’s call to action will move someone to release damaging information remains to be seen. In the meantime, we can only cross our fingers and wait.

You can watch Olbermann’s passionate plea here:

Featured image via viceo screen capture

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