Katrina Pierson Unveils Latest Lie: ‘Reporters Are Literally Beating Trump Supporters’ (VIDEO)

Donald Trump is boo-hooing because the media is playing into his campaign strategy of capturing every awful thing the man says and playing it on television, rather than fund and create political ads for his campaign.

For a while, his strategy worked and he felt a rise in the polls, he was igniting the racists and bigots who the Republican party has tapped into since the Democratic party chose to be the party of diversity, and, in rallying those who call themselves “the silent majority” he successfully trumped-up quite a bit of support behind his presidential run. . . in the Republican primary. Now that he has hit the big time and is failing at securing a majority across the nation for the general election using his same tired hateful rhetoric, his poll numbers are tanking and it’s none other than the media’s fault for reporting on what he is actually saying.

Trump’s spokeswoman Katrina Pierson appeared on Fox Business this morning to tease his upcoming daily speech (which will undoubtably produce more political gaffes than Joe Biden in a room full of women in shoulder pads (we love Joe but, that man loves to put his hands on some padded shoulders).

She also gave us her own gaffe:

Voters want someone that’s going to fight back because they are tired of seeing left-wing reporters literally beat Trump supporters into submission into supporting policies they don’t agree with. It just shuts them down and that’s not what they are seeing in this campaign. So this is essentially Mr. Trump fighting back.

Yes, that’s right – left-wing reporters are literally beating Trump supporters. Perhaps someone could purchase dear Katrina a dictionary, as she certainly needs it.

Or, perhaps this is just more of the same non-existent “persecution” for which the right-wing loves to cling to – the war on Christmas, Christian persecution. . . and now Trump supporters being pummeled by left-wing reporters – oh my!

Funny, as Joe Perticone of Independent Journal Review points out, Trump’s Secret Service have done more “literal beatings” on reporters than the other way around. Like the one time they took a Time magazine photographer Chris Morris to the floor using a choke hold earlier this year.

Yeah, those damn violent liberal reporters trying to report the news while employing a WWE style beat down on those calm, loving, accepting Trump supporters. It’s just terrible.

If you can muster up the will, Katrina Pierson’s full interview on Fox Business can be watched here:

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