Penn. Attorney General Gets A Small Taste Of ‘Murican Justice: New Government Stealth Weapon May Remove Her From Office (VIDEO)

It isn’t always about justice, as Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane, is finding out the hard way. Her law licence was just suspended, unanimously, by the state Supreme Court due to charges filed against her alleging that she leaked a grand jury transcript and memo to the press back in 2009. Her new lawyers claim that she did not leak any confidential information, but that the data released was in an effort to show a pattern of prosecution and non-prosecution by her predecessors.But now she may lose her office, anyway, without ever being found guilty of a crime.

While even Democratic Governor Tim Wolf, called for her resignation on Aug 9th, Kane has refused to step down maintaining she has done nothing wrong. However, the license suspension may allow the senate to use a provision for the first time that allows a two-thirds vote to remove certain elected officials. Kane believes these charges are in an attempt to retaliate against her for her questioning of the Jerry Sandusky rape investigation and revealing Judge William Carpenter’s inappropriate behavior in email.

Here is her own statement:

Her lawyers are crying foul over the suspension of her law license while she is still contesting allegations, as it will block her Constitutional right to due process of law. Her original lawyers made the mistake of “admitting” that the information that was illegally leaked was approved by her, instead of maintaining that the information she released was legal to have shared for the purposes that she shared it.

This process is now the new “stealth political weapon,” according to Kane.

The problem here is not her guilt or innocence. But the fact that lawmakers are circumventing the Constitution’s protection of due process in order to strip her of her law license and remove her from office.

If this happens then Kane will get a taste of a new brand of good ole ‘Murican justice. The kind where you don’t have to be guilty, to be convicted and punished. Not just in the court of public opinion, but also in every aspect of your life. While we are used to seeing high-ranking officials indicted, arrested and charged, we are NOT really used to seeing them lose their position immediately — if ever (Rick Perry comes to mind).

Few will be shocked, allegations alone have long been enough to end a person’s ability to support themselves, hold a job or stay in the town they live in. However, to see such a travesty of actual American Justice played out on a national stage should shock us. It seems that there are some people who really need to get her out of office.

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