Kasich Gives The Most Bizarre Answer About Brokered Convention At CPAC: It’ll Be ‘Cool’

Ohio Gov. John Kasich just made one of the most bizarre arguments yet in favor of a brokered convention during an onstage interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity at the Conservative Political Action Conference in National Harbor, Maryland.

After Kasich insisted that he was going to win Ohio and didn’t think any candidate was going to get the necessary 1,237 delegates to win the nomination outright, Hannity asked Kasich if he thought a brokered convention would anger voters.

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 Do you think with a brokered convention that candidate A’s supporters are gonna be angry if candidate B, C or D gets the nomination? I think they’re gonna be angry.

The response Kasich gave was beyond strange, and his tone of voice brought to mind a teacher trying to sound young and hip for a room full of kids. He said that this election year has been “like, nuts” and he couldn’t think of anything “cooler” than a brokered convention because it would be good for the children of course.

But look, as crazy as this year is — and there’s nobody in here that wouldn’t say this is like nuts, right? Can you think of anything cooler than a convention where we’re all gonna learn about how America works and our kids in school will learn more about American politics than they will the Kardashians?

You know, not that I have anything against the Kardashians. But the fact is, Sean, you have to do it right, and you can’t have a bunch of people in smoke-filled rooms who are the establishment, by the way,” he added. “My only fear of a convention is that these kind of connected interests will dominate, and we’re gonna have to prevent that.

There has been a lot of talk about the possibility of a brokered convention among Republicans this election season, being seen by some as the last hope of stopping Trump from being the Republican nominee. But so far, nobody has taken quite the same approach to the topic as Kasich. It isn’t even just what he said, but the way he said it.

Watch his bizarre remarks for yourself:

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