Karma Is A B*tch: It’s Looking Like Marla Maples Leaked Trump’s Taxes – And It Was Totally Legal

Following the mysterious arrival of a package containing Donald Trump’s 1995 tax returns at the doorstep of the New York Times, the big question was who sent it?

The package itself offered very few clues. It had no name on it. The return address was – in a masterclass of trolling – Trump Tower. The journalist whose mailbox it landed in wasn’t even aware it was coming.

Trump’s supporters were thrown into a frenzy. Many hypocritically began to suddenly think leaked information is out-of-bounds. (Remember their delight when Wikileaks handed over illegally obtained DNC emails? They sure don’t!) Trump went ballistic.

While many Americans speculated that it was one of Trump’s closest advisers looking to tank his campaign from the inside, or his daughter looking for a little payback, the most compelling theory that’s come around has to be Trump’s ex-wife, Marla Maples. There are a LOT of clues pointing to her. And she certainly has a lot of (justifiable) motives, having been not only kicked to the curb but also threatened by Trump with financial ruin if she publicly jeopardized his campaign. Oh and then there is the fact that Trump was such a scumbag while they were married that he leaked his divorce to tabloids before telling Marla. She had to read about it with the rest of the world.

Here’s why people think this theory makes a lot of sense.

First, there’s the fact that Marla is certainly one of the people who would have access to Donald Trump’s 1995 tax returns. In fact, she has her own copy of it. This also means that both the New York Times and Marla herself are probably in the clear. The paper didn’t break any laws by printing the document if Maples is the owner of it. (Sorry, Republicans. The DNC leak is still scummy. This is just Trump’s chickens coming home to roost.)

And then there was the timing. Marla Maples was in New York City in late September, just days before the package mysteriously showed up in the mail room of the New York Times. She even met with reporter Olivia Nuzzi around the same time.

Maples returned from visiting family in Georgia with [daughter] Tiffany to New York, where she now lives, on September 20th. We met the 21st. The Times received the tax returns the 23rd.

And when Politico reporter perhaps jokingly tweeted at her about “serv[ing] up a cold plate of revenge and then appreciat[ing] fall,” she didn’t confirm that this was the case. But she certainly didn’t deny it either.

It’s unclear if Marla Maples would ever admit to leaking the document that is widely seen as one of the most incriminating pieces of paper ever published about Donald Trump. Even if Trump himself is relatively powerless to stop her, his followers can be fanatical, aggressive, and occasionally violent. She has every right to want to keep her head low.

What is clear is that many people are already hailing her a hero for what she may have done. If it took a thousand GOP enablers to let Trump take over the Republican Party, maybe it will take just one ex-wife with a conscience to bring him down.


A Medal of Freedom sounds like a great idea!

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