KARMA: Clarence Thomas’s Bigoted Wife May Have Just Accidentally Killed The Muslim Ban

Should Trump’s Muslim ban ever make it to the Supreme Court, we might have Clarence Thomas’s wife to thank for its demise.

In a move that almost proves karma really does exist, Thomas’s wife, Ginni, was busted secretly promoting the Muslim ban through conservative activist groups. She was exposed, like many things these days, through leaked emails.

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In an email sent to a conservative listserv on Feb. 13 and obtained by The Daily Beast, Ginni Thomas asked an interesting question: How could she organize activists to push for Trump’s policies?

“What is the best way to, with minimal costs, set up a daily text capacity for a ground up-grassroots army for pro-Trump daily action items to push back against the left’s resistance efforts who are trying to make America ungovernable?” she wrote.

As The Daily Beast points out, Ginni was particularly interested in helping a group called “Daily Action” which has been working in the past few weeks to ram through the so-called “travel ban” on Muslims coming into the United States. The same ban was slapped down by the 9th Circuit for being blatantly unconstitutional. Trump promised to “SEE YOU IN COURT” shortly thereafter.

So far, like many of Trump’s groundless court cases, he hasn’t acted on that all-caps threat. Instead, he’s been uncharacteristically silent. Which doesn’t mean he’s forgotten about it. The Trump White House is currently embroiled in a scandal regarding his campaign’s alleged coordination with Russian intelligence operatives during the 2016 election so it’s possible this has merely been stuck on the back burner for now.

If and when the case does reach the Supreme Court, its next step, Justice Thomas will likely have to recuse himself from the case given his wife’s behind-the-scenes conservative activism, law experts say.

“It’s pretty egregious,” Feldman said. “It’s pretty clear that it’s quite partisan and in context, given the date of the email and that the tool is meant to rebut activity on the left—what has the left been really active on? The executive orders. So minimally, I would say the author of the email is thinking of that executive action.”

Doing the math, that would leave… let’s see here… yep, four left-leaning Justices and three conservative ones. Thomas would have surely supported the ban, given his dogmatic adherence to right-wing ideology. Ginni just cost Trump his ban.

Life comes at you fast, huh?

Featured image via Susan Walsh-Pool/Getty Images

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