Karma Bites Trump In The Ass As The Kids He Raised To Be Greedy Haven’t Donated To His Campaign

As Donald Trump continues to see his poll numbers plummet, his own children appear to have read the writing on the wall. As the campaign desperately begs supporters for cash, the Trump kids are asking why they should bother throwing out good money with bad. None have given a single cent to their dad’s campaign. Greed breeds greed.

Making the situation even more glaringly uncomfortable is the relatively generous donations Ivanka, Eric, and Don Jr. have given to other Republicans over the years. They certainly don’t mind giving out money to help Republicans win as long as its not their dad and as long as he’s not going down in flames.

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Over the years, Donald Trump’s children Ivanka, Eric and Don Jr. have been relatively frequent and promiscuous political donors, making significant contributions to Democrats and Republicans alike. The three combined contributed $15,000 to Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign and $13,800 to John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign. They have given to numerous New York politicians, both Republican and Democratic. Don Jr. and Ivanka even contributed a combined $8,800 to a number of Hillary Clinton’s campaigns.

Trump probably should have seen this coming. The notoriously stingy alleged billionaire has spent decades giving roughly zero money to charity. And with a month to go and down double digits in several national polls, there is no bigger charity case than Donald Trump’s campaign.

This isn’t to say the Trump kids haven’t been helping their father in his campaign – but only when it benefits them personally. The elder Trump kids have had no problem appearing at publicity functions to “promote” their dad (and themselves). Moreover, Ivanka, ever the entrepreneur, even quickly cashed in on her Republican National Convention speech by immediately selling knockoffs of the clothes she wore to Trump fans. Because when you publicly cash in your dignity to help your father become president, you may as well cash out with some merchandise.

The fact that his own children won’t loosen their purse strings to help him get elected only reinforces the premise that most of Trump’s closet allies have ulterior motives. It’s long been noted that the surrogates for Trump’s campaign are, to an individual, media-obsessed clowns who love the limelight and don’t mind occasionally humiliating themselves in defense of Trump to get it.

It also suggests even Trump’s children are pretty clear-eyed about his chances of winning. In a not entirely surprising development, Trump’s son-in-law has been outed as having met with showbiz people recently to float the idea of a “Trump TV” network to launch after his father-in-law loses. The Trump kids may not be willing to give their dad any money, but they sure are hoping to squeeze a bit more out of him before this whole thing is over.

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