Kansas Secretary Of State Claims Obama Not Only Will Ban Any Prosecution Of Minorities – He ALREADY HAS

If you have been following the immigration political battle over the past five or six years, you probably are familiar with the name Kris Kobach. If you don’t follow immigration issues very closely, allow me to get you up to speed on this gem of a politician and man. As the current Kansas Secretary of State, he is not only toxic and dangerous in today’s political landscape, he is the poster child for everything that is wrong with politics and governing today.

Flashback to post-9/11 America — you would find Mr. Kobach working at the right hand of then Secretary of State John Ashcroft. Kobach was on the team that gave us such legal pretzels as how to suspend people’s rights, like habeus corpus, basic 1st, 4th and 5th amendment rights, and of course the real life game of legal twister in justifying things like torture and indefinite detention without charge. It was guys like Kobach who worked tirelessly to maneuver ways to defy U.S. and international law and make it all neat, clean and legal.

photo credit: constantinereport.com

photo credit: constantinereport.com

When Kobach wasn’t figuring out how to abuse everyone with American power and subvert the Constitution, he spent time attacking the true object of his hate, immigrants. And when “the black man” gets elected, Kobach went into full attack mode. That’s right, in 2009, when running for  Kansas Secretary of State (he would be elected in 2010), Kobach returned to his true passion and became immigration warrior uber-alles, demanding that this clearly federal issue not be handled by the federal government (now that it was in the hands of a Kenyan Muslim sympathizer who probably had some Mexican blood in him, too, maybe) but by the states, where guys like him are in charge.

This was one of the GOP’s early attempts to do what they have done since the President was elected, namely, act like he’s some “junior POTUS” and the adults (read: the Republicans) would need to just take over and show Obama really what’s what and who’s in charge. We saw that pattern emerge once again this week when John Boehner ignored statutes like the Logan Act and followed through on his ill-conceived invitation to the Israeli Prime Minister to essentially stand up and try to dictate to Obama how American Foreign Policy will be.

Fast forward to 2012. Kobach is the one (not Mitt Romney) who actually proposes “self deportation” be the official stance of the GOP. The GOP accepts the proposal. This is why when Romney uttered those ill-conceived words about our immigration issues, he was only parroting Kris Kobach and the official GOP platform.

If you look over Kobach’s career, you will find he has been at the heart of just about every immigration prosecution and cruel legislation from Arizona (he wrote their immigration law that was slammed in the courts) to Alabama (also wrote their legislation, slammed as well) to Pennsylvania to California. The latter two representing a couple of the many states where Kobach was the chief attorney, or part of the legal teams prosecuting immigration lawsuits against anyone who didn’t want to try to get 12 million people to self-deport, or took issue with Kobach’s heartless and often unrealistic objectives of ethnically cleansing America into the image he is comfy with.

Most of his legislative ideas have been either voted out or shot down in the courts. Most of his lawsuits have been dismissed, defeated, or have been put into that legal limbo of “perpetually pending” (like a 2010 Nebraska case, for example) when all the parties involved know there is no case in reality, but they keep the case alive with frivolous motions and maneuvers. It is done because the politics of the cases are winners with their ever more radical base of paranoid, delusional and always fearful Tea people and racists.

Kobach is also the guy responsible for various election hustles, a prime example being last year where he, with one hand, declared a democratic senate candidate be stricken from the ballot at the 11th hour over a technicality. Then with the other hand, he tried to force the democratic party, through lawsuit, to put up another weaker candidate that would inherently split the vote between them and the strong independent candidate, thus giving the GOP an easy win. Kobach lost that suit, too.

So, after being defeated time and time again in the courts, Kobach has decided to take the Sean Hannity approach to politics and just start making stuff up on his commercial radio show.

On his own radio call-in program, the Kansas official told listeners that he thought it “would not be a huge leap” for Obama to stop prosecuting crimes against African Americans for any crime. He then did a double switch, giving himself plausible deniability, one supposes, by saying it was “not likely.” Completing the double switch, Kobach declared that Obama already had sent down such orders from on high in the area of civil rights, stating as “proof” one shaky Minnesota case that the administration decided it lacked evidence to move forward with.

Listen to Kobach’s own words here and see if you agree that we need less people in government like him:

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H/T: rightwingwatch.org | Featured image via: constantinereport.com

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