Kansas Sam Brownback Scolds Administrators — Put More Money Into The Classroom — Huh?

In a comment guaranteed to give a reasonably intelligent person whiplash, Kansas Republican Governor Brownback (that’s Scrooge McBrownback to us), complained that school districts aren’t putting enough of their state funding into classrooms. Brownback made the comments to reporters after speaking to educators attending a training session prior to the start of the 2015-2016 school year.

Yes, this is the same Governor Brownback who used his executive authority to order $44.5 million in budget cuts in state appropriations to universities and K-12 schools because of an “unanticipated drop in tax revenue.” Unanticipated drop in tax revenue?

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Oh, you mean the slash and burn revenue-depleting 2012 and 2013 tax cuts that decimated the state budget? Oh, THAT unanticipated drop in revenue.


‘Ol Scrooge slashes funding statewide to schoolchildren, then has the cojones to tell school administrators that they’re not putting enough money into the classroom? This is the same Governor Brownback who was told by the Kansas Supreme Court in 2014 that his level of education funding was UNCONSTITUTIONAL. He has the audacity to say that the state Constitution requires districts to spend two-thirds of their funding in the classroom, but that few districts meet that mark.

Statistics to back up your statement, Guv?

Mark Farr, president of the state’s largest teachers union, argued that teachers need the support of the entire school (including administration) to succeed in the classroom. Farr then went on to say that if Brownback really wanted to help schools, he should fund schools.

It’s no secret that Governor Brownback has balanced the state’s budget on the backs of Kansas schoolchildren. His latest comments are salt in the wound to teachers and administrators forced to operate under his tight fisted measures.

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