Kansas Republican Attorney General Attempts to Purge 35,000 Voters — Deny Them Right To Vote

In yet another move to disenfranchise voters in Kansas, Republican Attorney General Kris Kobach has formulated a plan to enact an arbitrary 90-day time limit on voter registration forms that are incomplete because the voter has not yet provided proof of citizenship. A hearing was held on the proposal on Wednesday. While the hearing is a required step to obtain public comment, Kobach can still do whatever he wants and enact the rule despite any opposition.

At the hearing, representatives from the American Civil Liberties Union, NAACP and the League of Women Voters spoke against Kobach’s plan. Sonja Willms, leader of the Topeka Chapter of the National Organization for Women, stated:

“I think that the people who would not be able to vote because of this are largely an unrepresented group who in most cases are believed to vote Democratically.”

This attitude toward voters is business as usual for Kobach. The budget-stressed state is currently defending itself in yet another lawsuit relative to the voter registration/voting process. Plaintiffs, led by the ACLU, sued to invalidate the law restricting voters who use the federal form from voting in state and local elections. In addition, earlier this year, the US Supreme Court denied Kobach’s attempts to make Kansas voters show proof of citizenship when registering using the federal form.

You’ve got to hand it to the guy. He probably sits up nights thinking of all the ways he can it harder for the democratic process to occur in the state of Kansas. We smell a run for governor in his future. One wonders how much longer Kansans are going to take this lying down.

Featured image courtesy of cjonline.com.

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