Kansas GOP Rewrites Anti-Discrimination Law To Let GUN DEALERS Sue You For Discrimination

If State House Republicans in Kansas get their way, they will soon pass a law that allows a gun dealer or manufacturer to sue you if they feel that you discriminated against them simply because they’re a gun dealer or manufacturer. The new law rips off its structure from existing anti-discrimination laws that are intended to protect people from racial or religious discrimination. In this case, it protects gun dealers exclusively.

Kansas is classifying the choice to sell guns the same as being born non-heterosexual. Do Republicans have nothing better to do than troll their constituents?

Senator Jacob LaTurner says that the law is in response to a 2013 initiative by the federal government to prevent fraudulent businesses from using our banking system. God knows how they came up with this theory, but the NRA and their Republican stooges insist this means that banks will sever ties with “high risk” businesses via the FDIC.

Let’s pause for a moment. The NRA is SURE that a law to prevent fraudulent businesses from using FDIC-insured banks will run gun sellers and manufacturers out of business. Wow, guilty conscience? What are the NRA and Kansas Republicans implying about their own people?

As you may have expected, there is absolutely no evidence that the federal initiative has adversely affected any gun manufacturer or seller, who was not an actual fraud. This was confirmed during an FDIC audit. This begs the question as to what exactly the purpose of this law is. Since the whole reason for it being proposed never happened, it seems that there is an ulterior motive. The likely scenario is that it will be used anytime someone is critical of guns, gun manufacturers, gun dealers, gun shows, etc. because they will try to tie it to some kind of new hate speech Republicans invented.

Remember that Kansas actually tried to pass a “religious freedom” law that would legalize discrimination against gay people.

What we really need to happen is for a bunch of gay gun dealers to set up shop in Kansas. That should really screw with their minds. Do they discriminate against them or not?


Featured image via truthaboutguns.com

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