GOP’s ‘Kansas Miracle’ Leaves State $279 Million In The Hole

Mourning the GOP’s midterm victories? Think again. THIS is what happens when we leave Republicans in charge. Sorry, Kansas.

In 2010, Kansas’s GOP Governor Sam Brownback cut taxes for the rich by $800 million, and slashed sales taxes from 6.45 percent to 4.9 percent. Brownback wants to eliminate the state income tax entirely, but has had to settle for slashing individual taxes by “only” 25 percent.

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Four years later, Brownback’s GOP ‘Kansas Miracle’ has left his state’s coffers a desolate, smoking ruin. Kansas.Com reports that if the GOP-run legislature doesn’t come up with $279 million — that’s right $279 MILLION — the state’s checks will start bouncing like rubber balls on a trampoline.

Or, as Kansas.Com explains:

Kansas must cut $279 million from its budget before July just to be dead broke with a balance of zero in its checking account.

Since Republicans refuse to even consider raising taxes, and voters are unlikely to stand for the kind of belt-tightening that’ll soon be required of them, that puts them between a rock and a hard place:

“Republicans hold supermajorities in both the House and Senate, so it’ll be up to the GOP leaders to find a solution and get their members to pass it.”

Of course Brownback has some options via what the GOP would call “executive overreach” if Obama tried them. But none of these options are pleasant.

Watch Brownback try to explain himself out of this one, via KSN.Com!

h/t Daily Kos. Featured photo: “Wizard of Oz” via IMDB.

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