Just To Piss Trump Off, Alec Baldwin Is Already Bragging About Mocking Him On Tonight’s SNL

It’s not secret that Alec Baldwin donning an ill-fitting wig and orange makeup sends Trump into a fit of hysteria without fail. And now Baldwin isn’t even waiting till showtime to antagonize him.

In a series of tweets, Baldwin teased his upcoming appearance on tonight’s Saturday Night Live, where he will once again tackle the numerous humiliations Trump has suffered since the last episode aired.

What form the mockery will take is anyone’s guess. It’s been seven short days since the last time Baldwin channeled Trump but among them the president-elect has:

  • Had a public fight with Vanity Fair over his restaurant getting a bad review
  • Misspelled the word “unprecedented” (“unpresidented”) in an unvetted tweet antagonizing China
  • Cancelled his promised press conference regarding his numerous conflicts of interest until after the election
  • Announced that he would not be giving up his businesses – in a clear violation of the Constitution – because it would be too expensive
  • Thanked black people for not showing up to vote
  • Accused the CIA of lying about Russian hacking to undermine his presidency
  • Repeatedly lied about winning the election in a landslide
  • Admitted his supporters were violent during the campaign
  • Invited his children to sit in on a meeting with tech industry leaders breaking his own promise to keep them separated from his official presidential business

That’s a lot of material to work with for SNL’s comedy writers.

Now the question is whether Trump will have a meltdown before or after the show airs. The only thing for certain is that both real and fake Trump won’t be apple-agizing for any of their bad behavior.

Featured image via Hollywood Reporter

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