Joy Reid Halts Interview With Trump-Supporting Pastor: ‘Even A Pastor’ Cannot Lie On Here (VIDEO)

Trump’s campaign has been buoyed by two very American forces: open racists and racists who lie to themselves. There are some other people in Trump’s ranks, but the deluded and the economically disadvantaged whites voting against their best interest yet again probably don’t make up a huge minority.

Given the twin forces that support Trump’s campaign have been engendered by media apathy and a willingness of the media to play along with their lies, it’s good to see some in the media finally stepping up their game and shutting these liars down. Angela Rye, a person I’ve come admire for her willingness to speak her mind unfiltered, has done this in several high profile events. But she’s far from the only media personality shutting these liars down.

On Saturday Morning, MSNBC host Joy Reid got her chance to shine when an African-Ameican pastor and supporter of Donald Trump attempted to use lies to defend the Muscovian Candidate from criticism, and she proceeded to shut him down in a stupendous fashion.

Reid began by dryly noting that Trump is just now starting to talk about getting the black vote, and has been doing so at predominately white rallies. It’s an irony point worthy of note, and Reid followed it up with a dryly humorous variation on a philosophical question, asking: “If Donald Trump makes a speech to black people when there are none around to hear it, did he make a sound?”

Her guest, Pastor Darrell Scott, seemed to think he did.

When Reid asked about his Friday night speech in which the pastor claimed the African-American community has “nothing to lose” by voting for Trump and brought up the Justice Department’s two citations against the mogul for refusing to rent to black tenants, Scott responded in the typical Trumpbot fashion: with denials and lies.

Not only did he dismiss the claims, but Scott went so far as to say that Trump had nothing to do with the birther movement, either. Which is a pretty blatant lie, since Trump has been riding that train since before he even launched his campaign.

Reid was incredulous at first, cutting him off and saying: “Don’t tell me you agree with the birtherism, sir. Don’t tell me you agree with that.”

Not to be deterred, Scott replied with the old canard that birtherism was started by Hillary Clinton in 2008:

The birtherism issue came out of Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2008.

Actually, it didn’t. That’s a blatant lie, and Reid called him out on it, telling him he was wrong. It then degenerated into a literal instance of Reid (correctly) insisting Scott was a liar and Scott vehemently holding onto that lie.

Eventually, Reid cautioned:

Even a pastor cannot make things up on this show.

When Scott continued to insist otherwise, Reid ended the interview entirely, telling him:

I respect you as a pastor, but you’re not going to come on and make things up.

Reid may respect him, but I don’t. If you’re going to not only lie but cling to that lie long after you’ve been proven wrong, neither you nor your views deserve any respect.

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