Journalist Unloads On ‘Juvenile’ Trump Fan For Acting Like A ‘Seven-Year-Old’ On The Playground (Video)

Trump’s brought the ugly in a big way in this campaign cycle and nobody’s felt it more than the journalists who report on him — and among them is Kurt Eichenwald, who’s been assault by Trump supporters directly for his reporting . . . and for being Jewish. Because attacking people for being Jewish is acceptable to Trump supporters — otherwise, they wouldn’t be supporting him.

As you might imagine, that hasn’t endeared Eichenwald to Trump or his supporters, and one particular misguided soul bore the brunt of that antipathy on Saturday when he attempted the “But Hillary is worse . . .” deflection only for Eichenwald to step up and put the man in his place.

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“Playground mentality”

While sitting in with AM Joy, the Newsweek author detonated on Republican strategist John Brabender during a discussion over Trump’s refusal to apologize for his 1989 ads that attacked Central Park 5.

For those who don’t remember the Central Park 5, a woman was out jogging in Central Park when serial rapist Matias Reyes attacked her with enough brutality that he left her in a coma. As these investigations often do in American history, once the blame fell on five African-American men, it never went away.

Rather, it didn’t until DNA evidence exonerated them in 2002, and the State of New York was forced to pay out $41 million for a wrongful conviction to the five men, who were teenagers at the time of conviction and say their confessions were coerced.  Back in the 1980s, Trump took out an ad attacking them, and earlier this week, Trump refused to apologize, saying that “they confessed” so they were guilty.

Except, you know, DNA evidence saying otherwise.

Now, any little criticism of Donald Trump invokes the sharpest possible response from his followers, who worship the man. And this was true of Republican strategist John Brabender, who attempted that classic defense technique: deflect and mention Clinton.

But Eichenwald wasn’t having any of it:

“Two things here. I am so tired of the playground mentality of the Trump defenders. Yes, Trump. Anytime there’s an issue, they can’t answer for the candidate they’re defending. So the first thing they do is like a 7-year-old say, ‘Well, my sister did this.’ It is so juvenile and number two, he said, ‘Well, yes, but, you know, in the 1980s, he believed this.’ Okay, fine. We accept that. We accept that’s what he believed. We accept he exercised his First Amendment rights.”

“Now let’s put that aside and talk about the real issue. And the real issue is this man just came out and said, these five men whose lives were destroyed by a false conviction, ‘I say they’re still guilty.’  You can’t change the subject. You can’t say Hillary. You can’t say 1980’s. Defend what he did this week and stop trying to deceive people, stop lying, and address what your candidate is and what he’s done.”

But that’d require Trump take personal responsibility for something, and as we all know, personal responsibility is only for people of color.

Watch the video below:

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