Journalist Subjected To Horrific Anti-Semitic Abuse After Writing About Melania Trump (TWEETS)

**Trigger Warning: this article contains graphic racist images, depictions of violence to minorities, and racial slurs.**

Julia Ioffe is a Russian-American Journalist who recently wrote an article that is being called “fabulous and insightful” about Donald Trump’s wife, Melania Trump. This has earned her some truly shocking, absolutely disgusting, anti-semitic abuse by Trump trolls on Twitter.

In response to this article, Melania Trump whined to Trumps fans that she was the subject of unfair scrutiny — she has one nasty surprise waiting for her if her slimebag husband gets the White House if she thinks this is unfair — and that the highly regarded journalist Ioffe was just trying to make a “name for herself.”

This, of course, had the effect of calling out the dogs, er, Trump trolls: especially the White Supremacists.

Her picture has been photoshopped into pictures of Jew’s from the Holocaust with “Camp Trump” written on them:

I don’t think that anyone is shocked that the Trump trolls would do things like this — even here in America — they are following a man who couldn’t disavow the endorsement of David Duke, former Grand Wizard of the KKK without first looking into whether or not they deserved it.


Ioffe is handling the situation with humor and grace, something that the Trump’s and their followers seem to lack. While the name calling, everything from “ratfaced Jew” to “K*ke,” is offensive, their humor is worse, referencing the ovens found in Nazi Concentration camps, where  11 million Jews, Jehovah’s Witnesses, homosexuals, disabled people, and Roma including 1.1 million CHILDREN were killed during the Holocaust. 6 million of those victims were Jewish.

Their horrific venom includes a cartoon of a caricatured Jewish man on his knees being shot through the head, with the message: “they know about you.” This final image is even more disturbing than the “back to the ovens” comment above.

You know what’s worse? Julia Ioffe, a woman who’s family fled anti-Semitism, is being belittled for “complaining” about this straight up racial abuse and threats, and this is what the Trump trolls have to say about it:

More Trump effect, more attacks on journalists, more attacks on women, more proof neither Trump belongs in the White House.

Feature image via Twitter

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