Jon Voight Sends A Message To Israel: ‘Barack Obama Does Not Love You’ (VIDEO)

I loved Jon Voight in Pearl Harbor. His depiction of Roosevelt was epic. That scene where he stands up from his wheelchair and declares we can do anything we set our minds to still brings a tear to my eye.

Voight’s latest video exploit, however, is somewhat less captivating.

Joining with the pack of treasonous senators that sent the infamous letter to Iran, Voight recorded a message to Israel letting them know how much he loves them and how much our President does not.

He stopped just short of calling the President a Muslim in his off-the-cuff campaign ad for Bibi Netanyahu, who is dragging in the polls for re-election.

Voight says:

President Obama does not love Israel. He wants to control Israel. In this way he can be friends with all of Israel’s enemies.

Jon Voight obviously understands world affairs about as much as Tom Cotton. American foreign policy in the Middle East is a delicate issue, one that teams of diplomats have struggled with for decades.

Our President is interested in lasting peace, basic human rights, and forward progress for an area that has always been and probably always will be, a hotbed for religious war.

Jon Voight, Tom Cotton, and everyone with their mentality, are doing more harm than good. It’s time for them to step aside and let the adults in the room handle it.

Jon Voight sends a message to Israel:

Featured Image: Screen Capture From YouTube

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