Jon Stewart Will Be Joining Stephen Colbert To Cover The Republican National Convention! (VIDEO)

If you didn’t already know, Stephen Colbert will be doing special live editions of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert so he can mock cover both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions. But even better than that is the announcement that Jon Stewart will be joining Colbert on Monday night’s broadcast.

I may faint from sheer joy!

Subscribe to our Youtube Channel got the scoop but is a little light on details:

Exactly what he’ll be doing Monday remains a mystery, at least to prying reporters. (A CBS rep declined to comment.) Colbert is anchoring the Late Show from New York, so it doesn’t seem a stretch to imagine — or maybe the word is “pray” — Stewart will be on location in Cleveland as a correspondent at the RNC.

It’s also possible that Stewart’s visit Monday could be nothing more than a quick cameo, as he’s done it before for both the Late Show (on which he serves as an executive producer) and fellow Daily Show colleague Samantha Bee’s Full Frontal.

If we’re all very VERY lucky, Stewart will stick around for more than a short cameo and really take his time to blast Donald Trump. Stewart has previously savaged Trump, giving him the infamous nickname “Fuckface von Clownstick” and is sure to rake him over the coals for the damage he’s done to the country.

The last time Stewart appeared on The Late Show, he was pushing back on Republicans for resisting the Zadroga Act, a bill designed to aid the first responders of 9/11. To do this, he donned a ridiculous wig and Colbert covered his face with Cheeto powder so he could get in touch with his inner idiot and “Bring the Trump”:

CBS has so far refused to comment on the specifics of Stewart’s involvement but whatever it is, it’s going to one to remember.

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