Jon Stewart Tore Into Trump With The Most Well Thought-Out Takedown Of Him Yet (VIDEO)

Just because Jon Stewart retired from the Daily Show, doesn’t mean he’s checked out of American politics. In fact, he seems to be watching things so closely that he couldn’t overcome his need to go on an epic Trump-bashing extended rant on David Axelrod’s podcast “The Axe Files.”

Jon really let him have it in his signature style of slow, well reasoned examples for why Donald deserves the entire nation’s mockery. It wasn’t even about Trump’s policies as much as his assessment of him as a person – which you could say came up lacking to say the very least.

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Watch Jon’s perfect and personal takedown of Trump below:

John was right in how he approached this. It isn’t like we just are dealing with some otherwise ok guy who happens to have bad policies. We have Trump, who is literally a terrible person in every way and also happens to have bad policy ideas running for president. At this point there isn’t a reason not to attack Trump personally, because his most serious disqualifications come from the kind of person he is.

One thing’s for certain. When you draw the ire of Jon Stewart, you can guarantee that you are going to lose votes since he is still likely the most trusted name in American news.

Featured image via video screen capture

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