Jon Stewart Rips Mitch McConnell’s Claim That Republicans Fixed The Economy (VIDEO)

If you have been paying any attention at all to political news this week, you may have heard that new Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced that the economy was improving due to the “expectation of a new Republican congress” – on the second day that the new congress was in session.

Jon Stewart is having none of it, and he weighs in on the issue on the January 8 edition of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show.”

Stewart starts his commentary by commenting on McConnell’s “hardened exterior” and his “love of all things lettuce,” both nods to the long running theme among political comedians that McConnell looks and behaves like a turtle. After getting the initial turtle jokes out of the way, Stewart plays a montage of McConnell, talking about the economy over the past few years. McConnell’s comments are, without fail, negative about both the economic outlook, and President Obama’s handling of the economy.

Yes, it’s terrible, Stewart mockingly agrees.

This president’s economic stewardship has borne a wasteland of shuttered businesses, abandoned factories, stores that sell but misery. Marauding hordes of unemployed Americans subsist but on copper wire, and old “Hope” posters. Wishing, WISHING for the promised “death panels” to end their socialist misery.

That comment is followed by a series of clips of news reports, talking about how the economy has improved. Stewart asks, “How doth you explain that, oh amphibious one?” He then plays McConnell’s comments from Wednesday, which were made on the Senate floor, and issued in a press release.

After so many years of sluggish growth, we’re finally starting to see some economic data that can provide a glimmer of hope; the uptick appears to coincide with the biggest political change of the Obama Administration’s long tenure in Washington: the expectation of a new Republican Congress.

“Oh come on!” Stewart says. “You’ve been in control of the Senate for two days!”

Stewart echoes what others have said about improvements in the economy.

A graphic with a new hashtag, #TurtleBrag, appears as Stewart observes, “Unless my calendar is broken, Senator… the general economic improvement trend started before the November elections.”

Indeed it did, as observed by writer Phillip Bump, in the Washington Post. Bump says that to believe McConnell’s claim, you would have to believe that people expected Republicans would take over both houses of congress before polls made it appear likely that they would do so.

“Thankfully, the Republican Senate majority, under Mitch McConnell, came to our rescue, retroactively?” Stewart asks. He then announces that “the truth is simple,” and proclaims,

If you rub Mitch McConnell’s shell, you will receive five years of business growth.

What a shame that McConnell, and his Republican colleagues, couldn’t have retroactively saved the economy from the disaster they and President Bush created. Apparently their time machine only works when a Democrat is in the White House.

Here’s the video, via Comedy Central:

Image via screen capture

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