Jon Stewart Returns To The Daily Show And DESTROYS The GOP- #WorstResponders

Jon Stewart is back and he’s kicking some GOP ass!

It’s been months since his retirement, but he’s back as a guest on what is now Trevor Noah’s Comedy Central show in an attempt to draw attention to the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act. Although this act expired Oct 1., he and the first responders hope to have it renewed before Congress is out of session.

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In true Stewart fashion, he used comedy with a heaping helping of truth to draw attention to this worthy cause.  He expressed to Noah his reasoning for returning:

I actually have this issue and I want to get some attention paid to it … and I realized that I don’t have a show, and nobody gives a f–k anymore.

This isn’t just a cause he decided to pick up as a hobby since retiring. Stewart has endorsed this act since 2010 when he hosted a panel of first responders hoping for support. The Zadroga Act was signed into law early 2011.

Last night, Stewart decided to stage a “reunion” with the original panel he had on his show just five years ago. Kenny Specht, founder of the New York City Firefighter Brotherhood Foundation was there from the original panel. Sadly, Specht states that two of the other original panelists are quite ill while the third has since passed.  Only one out of four panelists could make it due to death or illness. Really puts it in perspective.


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Stewart wanted to remind the audience of the importance of this bill:

With all this talk about terrorism, from the World Trade Center to San Bernardino, the one common link to all of this is the first people on the scene were first responders. This is the legacy.

Stewart originally suggested that the viewers should tweet #endthefuckery, but after Noah suggested a Hashtag “people can actually use” to show their support of the bill, he settled on #WorstResponders.

While the world has missed Stewart since his retirement, we wish his brief return weren’t due to this reason. Many of the 9/11 first responders are sick and dying, and the GOP has got to get their shit together. It is simply not okay to ignore these people who have given so much for this country and have received so little.

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