Jon Stewart Links ‘Frozen’ With CIA Report And Torture Denial (VIDEO)

In the wake of the CIA report that has the American government on high paranoia alert, the public is being fed enough road-apple pie to be a contender on “The Biggest Loser.”

No one wants to admit they knew much of anything about the torture the U.S. is responsible for inflicting on the world. We’re in so much denial that we refer to it as “enhanced interrogation techniques,” and if that gets you too sweaty in the palms, you can even start referring to it as “EITs.” Can you mask the language any more than that?

That should show you the level of sincerity behind America “facing the wrongs it’s done,” which is largely the reason the government claims to be releasing this “dangerous” report in the first place. U.S. embassies across the globe have been on high alert as the report goes public, expecting a violent backlash once the news gets out we’ve been torturing people, but so far, not so much. Know why?

Because the fact that we’ve been torturing people is old hat news. It’s been well known for years, despite masking the language in harmless abbreviations to take the punch out of the reality of our actions. Calling it an EIT doesn’t mean we’re not force-feeding people rectally, waterboarding, enforcing beatings and sleep deprivation — you name it. Some folks even went as far as putting drills to people’s heads. You know who else did that? Jeffrey Dahmer.

That’s right, folks – thanks to the CIA, we’ve become the Dahmer of world politics. We will kill, f*ck, and cannibalize anyone, any country in our path to get what we want, and when we have to fess up to it in the light of day, we call it by another name, like puppet therapy, and try to sell the public on the fact that we’re “man enough” to face our wrongs.

The cowardice, the hypocrisy and the ugliness of it all, aside from the outright dishonesty, is exasperating. And how are we supposed to believe all this ended? Simply because they (the government) tell us it has, when the CIA has been lying from the get-go?

No, American citizens, and citizens of the world for that matter, should have about as much trust in that as we do local law enforcement waving peace signs as it rides down Main Street in armored vehicles.

And Jon Stewart feels that exasperation, too. He, like the rest of us, is banging his head on the political wall wondering which came first: the torture, or the denial of torture?

Check out Stewart’s latest “Daily Show” segment below, where he discusses that very subject. Sometimes, as they say, all you can do is laugh.

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