Jon Stewart Holds Back Emotions After Firefighter Shows Him Dozens Of 9/11 Prayer Cards (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart teamed up with a group of 9/11 first responders in an effort to acquire commitments from the senators to pass a permanent 9/11 health care bill. Instead of those commitments they simply received business cards and a whole lot of nothing.

Ray Pfeifer is a veteran of the New York City Fire Department living with stage 4 cancer who carries with him cards of way more value –“remembrance” cards from fellow heroes who lost their battle to illnesses caused from ground zero toxins.

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While Washington seemed to have a skewed idea of what commitment is, Pfeiffer did not. He carried those cards in hopes of showing congress what true commitment is- the commitment that 9/11 first responders followed through with, only to be pushed to the side.

When they say, “Never forget,” sometimes you’ve got to call them out on it.

Pfeiffer points out that he does not use the cards to remember his fallen friends, but instead as motivation to do what he can for the remaining 33,000 9/11 first responders still suffering and in need of proper medical care.

Stewart was stunned by the amount of cards. It seems as though it were a reminder of how important the passing of this bill is- though he never forgot.

Ah, Jesus. They’re cards of his friends.

Even more devastating is the fact that Pfieffer is missing one card. While he was in Washington, his dear friend James Costello lost his battle with cancer. He was unable to make the funeral on Wednesday because he had been in Washington.

Stewart, with Pfieffer and the other 9/11 first responders, should not have had to March through the halls of Congress to remind them their commitments to the people. And if Washington had gotten their priorities straight in the first place, he may not have been carrying so many of his friends in his pocket.

Watch Stewart’s reaction to the 9/11 prayer cards:

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