Watch Jon Stewart SHRED Sarah Palin’s Painfully Stupid Iowa Speech (VIDEO)

Last weekend, Iowa congressman Steve King, who appears to be in competition for the job of driving the Republican clown car, held an event known as the “Iowa Freedom Summit.” All of the 2016 GOP hopefuls, but Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney, were there. But, as always, Sarah Palin was the star. And what a star she was! Palin delivered a speech that was amazingly incomprehensible, even by Palin standards. So, of course, Jon Stewart had something to say about it.

Stewart starts out the segment by skewering King. He says that King’s comment regarding immigrants who have “calves the size of cantaloupes” because they are carrying drugs, is “not even ignorant.” No, Stewart says, that statement is “ignorance resin.” He explains, “Like if you just take all of the stupid, and cook it down, and then scrape just the pure ignorance.”

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Next, Stewart notes that because King is so stupid, no one would show up at his conference, right? Wrong. He shows clips of the Republican “stars” who were there: Scott Walker, Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, Rick Perry, and Donald Trump. “That’s it,” Stewart says. “It cannot get more entertaining, and less electable, than Trump.” That’s when a familiar voice says, “You betcha.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, I believe it may be the rare, brown haired Alaskan podium seeker,” Stewart says. We’re then treated to a clip of Palin at her incomprehensible best.

After two segments of Palin word salad, Stewart observes:

You know, that’s the kind of talk you normally hear right before the pharmacist says, ‘Ma’am, you’ve gotta leave the Walgreens.’ Now we know what it’s like to get cornered by Palin at an open bar wedding.

Stewart mentions that Palin had to improvise after the teleprompter broke. But, he says, what the audience heard wasn’t all that different from when her teleprompter is working.

The segment wraps up with Stewart’s comment that he thinks he knows what Palin is really trying to do.

That’s when it hit me. Incoherent, rambling, unintelligible, folksy idioms. She’s not speaking at a political event. Sarah Palin is trying to sell America a Lincoln.

We then see the Matthew McConaughey Lincoln commercial, with McConaughey’s face and voice replaced by Palin’s. This is truly a Jon Stewart classic.

Here’s the video, via Comedy Central:

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Image via screen capture from Comedy Central

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