Jon Stewart Comes Out Of Retirement And EVISCERATES Trump At Veterans Day Benefit

Donald Trump was once again roasted by the former  Daily Show host, Jon Stewart. This time, it  was during Tuesday’s rare stand-up appearance benefiting US veterans.

Stewart couldn’t help but bring up Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. He turned to  the audience and asked:

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Are we really doing this Donald Trump thing? We’re really doing that as a country?

Because let’s face it. He’s making a joke out of this whole election. He even compares Trump’s ridiculous campaign to an “Internet comment troll” running for president. Stewart goes on to point out how childish Trump is.

He’s f—ed, I like to put my name in giant letters on everything I own as much as the next guy, but the only other people that do that are like 8-year-olds going to camp.

Stewart saved a little bit of his comical zing for Trump’s rival, Ben Carson. He said Carson has the greatest juxtaposition between the volume of voice and the craziness of shit he says.

He says the softest spoken crazy shit I’ve ever heard. You watch him in the debates: [Imitating Carson] ‘All I said was ObamaCare is like slavery’ … When I was young I nearly killed a nun with a … hammer

Stewart also used his time on stage to touch base on  gun control.

We don’t do shit about guns. I’m not trying to take people’s guns away. Let’s just be smart about it. But we won’t even f—ing talk about it. 30,000 people die each year: Suicides, homicides, guns. We don’t do shit. We don’t do anything. We don’t even say anything … You know what you need to buy a gun? Money. You know what you need to adopt a cat? … They will come to your f—ing house! Just to make sure it’s a safe environment for a cat

Seems like Stewart touched base on 3 things that are dangerous for America’s future- Guns, Carson, and Trump.

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