Jon Stewart Calls Democratic Strategy ‘The Chickensh*t Gambit’


 Stewart says, “Democrats were taken out back and ‘Old Yellered’ by the American Electorate”

Jon Stewart of The Daily Show is not happy with the results of the midterm election results calling the GOP Senate sweep the ‘Red Wedding’, and the ‘Democalypse.’

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Stewart has now turned criticism towards Democratic politicians for what he calls the ‘chickensh*t gambit’ saying:

“It’s named, of course, for Sen. Dickless H. Chickenshit, who, when he was asked whether he supported the Emancipation Proclamation, famously said, ‘Huh? What? Huh?’ and then had to pretend to be hard of hearing for the rest of his life,”

Stewart then offers scathing criticism of the democratic strategy in red states for convincing Obama to drag his feet on unpopular issues such as immigration reform and then ignoring popular red state issues like the Keystone Pipeline.

Playing it safe simply didn’t work.

For 2016, liberals can either learn from the “chickenshit gambit” by standing up for what they believe, or they can make the same play in 2016 and lose the big seat and keep the GOP majority in congress. That’s not a world I’m prepared to live in.

The liberal base do not want to see Obama denied and criticized for the sake of stealing votes from the Obama Haters Club™. If there is honest criticism, sure, but candidates like Alison Lundergan Grimes turning their back on Obama caused huge blowback to campaigns.

The economy is stabilizing, unemployment is down, more Americans than ever have access to health care — there is nothing to run from here.

The Democrats were absolutely overshadowed by conservatives who were not afraid to stand up for their beliefs. Albeit right wing beliefs are insane and apocalyptic, but, still, they sang that crazy loud and proud and in the end it won.

In 2016, let’s give conservatives a ‘Purple Wedding’ and elevate quality candidates who aren’t afraid to stay true to the ideas of liberalism.

H/T: Huffington Post Photo: Comedy Central’s The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (Screen shot)

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