John Oliver: What The F*ck Is Wrong With The GOP’s ‘Protection Of Women’s Health’ (VIDEO)

John Oliver, of Last Week Tonight, has just explained the Texas abortion case that is scheduled to go before the (one justice short) Supreme Court, and destroyed lie after lie told by anti-choice lawmaker’s claims to be “protecting women’s health.”

Oliver does so by utilizing breast implants to draw you in and then ends it with a bucket of sloths (nearly “violently delightful”). Those things really have nothing to do with this video, except to try to keep people from changing the channel. None of this detracts from the volumes of simple truth, and real human impact of the ridiculousness that conservatives consider to be laws that “protect women’s health,” while assuring that most women will have few options that don’t require mid-evil, barbaric or self-harming choices.

That phrase, uttered like a mantra by every conservative fundie that would literally prefer to see thirteen-year-old rape victims convicted to motherhood than allow clinics to exist to help her, “protecting women’s health,” really means forcing women to carry fetuses to term regardless of their mental health or readiness to become a parent.

Here is John Oliver destroying the lies of the GOP:


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