John Oliver Tells Trump: Drop Out And Give THIS As Your Reason (VIDEO)

While there is still plenty of time before November’s election for Donald Trump to right his ship and go for the win, at this point things are not looking very good for him. As GOP leaders wait for their candidate to pivot and become “presidential,” Trump continues to be Trump. That has led to polls showing tight races in places that should be a cakewalk for a Republican, like Georgia and South Carolina.

Trump hates losing, and right now that’s exactly what looks like will happen. And from what we’ve all seen and heard, should Trump get his act together and actually pull off a victory, a Trump win might be a success for him, but would probably be a disaster for America. Leave it to HBO’s John Oliver to come up with a solution.

On his show Last Week Tonight, Oliver calls on Trump to drop out of the presidential race. But the way he does it is pure genius. He wants Trump to tell everybody that he has been trolling us all along.

The idea that Trump is actually a troll has been floated before, with some Republicans going so far as to call him a Democratic plant. As much as we wished it was true, if The Donald had actually been trolling Americans with his outrageous statements the time to admit it is long past. While it appears that Trump has figured out what he needs to say to win among the poorly educated voters who make up many of his supporters, it is pretty obvious now that his mission was not to troll. But that shouldn’t stop a man who lies almost every time he breathes from saying that it was.

First, Oliver talks about how embarrassing it would be for Trump should he lose, especially to Hillary Clinton, who he has repeatedly attacked as a “liar” during the campaign. It would also destroy the Trump brand, which is almost totally based on the man’s reputation as a “winner.”

Then he gets to the heart of the matter, playing on Trump’s ego, telling him that he would be a hero if he dropped out and announced his entire campaign had been a sham, designed to expose America’s hidden attitudes about race and other issues.

“Drop out and tell America this entire candidacy was a stunt. A satire, designed to expose the flaws in the system. And the thing is, you can actually make a fairly decent case for that…”

“Just think about how triumphant it would feel to say on national television: ‘I openly ran on a platform of impossibly ignorant proposals steeped in racial bigotry and nobody stopped me. In fact, you embraced me for it. What the fuck was that about?’ That would be one of the most powerful political speeches of all time.”

“I’m telling you, if you drop out in order to teach America a lesson, you would not be a loser. You would be a legend. There’d be a federal holiday in your honor.”

It’s a brilliant idea and one that Trump should consider. Sure, he would lose his current supporters, but he would gain the respect of a much larger group — Americans who are not insane xenophobic racists. And he would avoid having to put himself in that category of people that he despises — losers.

Here’s John Oliver, pitching his idea to Trump, via HBO:

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Featured image via YouTube screen capture

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