John Oliver Just Huffed, And Puffed, And Blew The Hell Outta Trump’s Favorite Straw Fantasy (VIDEO)


John Oliver’s latest onslaught took Donald Trump’s pretentious and unrealistic “border wall” fantasy to the woodshed, and only Oliver came back. Oliver’s epic evisceration of the absolutely impractical mythical Great Wall Of AMERICA should lose Trump voters — if Trump’s voters can sit through it or even care.

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The GOP’s frontrunner has carefully avoided details in many of his promises, except the great, beautiful WALL — which, luckily for us he has given enough specifics about that it could actually be fact-checked and investigated. John Oliver unravels the flim-flam man’s used car salesman rhetoric on the wall, and it becomes perfectly clear, not only is this wall Trump is so obsessive about ineffective, unnecessary, not paid for, unreasonable, and going to cost at least twice if not three times as much as Trump’s predictions: it is just plain stupid. It is also one of his supporters’ favorite things ever, which doesn’t say much for them.

Yes, Donald Trump wants to build a wall at the US-Mexican border, and based on his tone: he also wants to f*ck that wall. The wall, it is such a fixture of his speeches, it is so popular among his supporters, one man even wore a spandex “wall costume” at one of his rallies. That’s kind of incredible.

They love the wall, and they blindly trust the corner-cutting real estate mogul because he has more money than them yet still talks about foreigners and Mexicans like your angry, drunk, Uncle who never finished high school. Hopefully, using some of the facts given by Oliver will wake them up — however the level at which John Oliver talks may be slightly above the 4th-grade vocabulary level faithfully adhered to by Trump. (Trump doesn’t say he “loves the uneducated vote” for nothing.)


Perhaps the fact introduced by John Oliver, that it would actually be cheaper and more practical to buy every man woman and child in America a waffle maker, would win over Tump voters? Who doesn’t love waffles? However, the fact that Mexico will never pay for the wall or that Trump has no idea what a Trade Deficit is, may not be as impactful to Trump’s faithful — who probably don’t know what one is either (if they do, and accept this as a reason that the wall will be paid for, that is a whole different problem).

John Oliver literally destroys every aspect of every promise made by Donald Trump regarding his sphinx-sized political hubris: a great wall of America, built by the lowest bidder, unpaid for, and nearly impossible to complete.

Oh yeah, and literally rendered useless by a ladder and “mankind’s third invention,” the rope.

Watch John Oliver lose Trump the Election with every intelligent person in the US:


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