John Oliver: How Trump’s Relationship With GOP Elite Is Like Abstinent Teens (VIDEO)

John Oliver just nailed Trump’s relationship with the Republican establishment in an epic Oliver rant that slammed the wavering wonder for refusing to release his tax returns, and for impersonating his own publicist back in the 90s to brag about his favorite subject: himself.

Oliver said:

Trump and the Republican establishment are like a teenage Christian couple who have made an abstinence pledge. They are going to have sex—it’s just a matter of time. But they need to make a big show of resisting it for anyone who might be paying attention.

Nailed it. The awkward relationship caused by Trump’s decision to stop self-funding his campaign and his newfound corresponding need for the GOP establishment’s help to make the transition to donor-funding very closely resembles the struggle of two hormonal kids pretending to fight the what they both intend on allowing to happen.

And they do intend for it to happen. Only in this case, the goal is not mutual pleasure but mutual power.

Watch the video, here:


Featured image via video screen capture

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