John Oliver: GOP’s ‘Mismanaged Sh*tshow’ Was Dishonest Delusional Dystopian Neo-Con Infomercial (VIDEO)

On Sunday, Comedian John Oliver returned to “Last Week Tonight,” to deliver a blistering review of the Republican National Convention, which took place in Cleveland last week.

Oliver described the convention as the most apocalyptic event to ever take place in Cleveland, “and bear in mind, their river has repeatedly caught fire.”

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While Trump supporters joined to celebrate their candidate’s “great” organizational and business expertise, the legitimacy of their theme was undermined by the fact that the entire convention was a “mismanaged sh*tshow,” according to Oliver.

The comedian cited everything from Melania’s speech, which she lifted from Michele Obama to Ted Cruz (figuratively) pissing in Trump’s kool aid by purposely not endorsing the GOP nominee during his primetime speech.

There’s also the fact that Trump knew about Cruz’s non-endorsement and let him speak regardless. Oliver cited a tweet from Trump where the billionaire admitted that he saw Cruz’s speech ahead of time and had no concern about his refusal to endorse his campaign.

 But that’s not reassuring,” he continued. “If the captain of the Titanic had tweeted after the fact, ‘I saw that iceberg two hours before we sailed into it anyway. No big deal!’ You wouldn’t think, ‘Wow, that captain sure ran a tight ship!’

Oliver referenced a postmortem report after the 2012 presidential election in which the GOP owned up to systematic issues throughout the party, like the strange impression most minorities have that Republicans don’t care about them.

Unfortunately, that report, and it’s carefully considered suggestions, has been overshadowed by a different report Oliver titled: Literally Everything Donald Trump Has Said and Done.

Oliver pointed out one moment that seemed to encapsulate the entire convention; that is when Antonio Sabato Jr., who after speaking on stage at the convention, openly questioned President Obama’s faith, telling ABC News:

First of all, I don’t believe the guy is a Christian. I don’t believe he follows the guy that I love, the Jesus that I love.” He admitted that those things aren’t based on facts but instead “feelings.” He feels those things are true, even though they’re not

The British comedian proceeded to savage the obscure soap opera actor ruthlessly:

Now, what’s revealing there isn’t the mistake in believing President Obama is a Muslim, it’s also not a big shock that Antonio Sabato Jr. … is still both alive and an idiot,” Oliver mocked. “No, what is truly revealing is his implication of believing something to be true is the same as it being true. Because, if anything, that was the theme of the Republican National Convention this week.

Oliver played clips from Trump’s hour plus speech, joking that the billionaire sounded like he was about to announce America’s first real Hunger Games. And when a CNN reporter pointed out to former House Speaker and current Trump supporter Newt Gingrich that his candidate’s claims about rising crime rates were bogus, Gingrich replied, ““It’s only a fact that that’s a feeling people have.”

Liberals have a whole set of statistics, which theoretically may be right, but it’s not where human beings are,” Gingrich asserted.

Oliver could not hold his tongue, and nailed Gingrich like a hammer:

“It is worth taking just a moment to seriously consider what Gingrich is really saying there, because think about it, I think we can all agree that candidates can create feelings in people. What Gingrich is saying is that feelings are as valid as facts. So, then by the transitive property, candidates can create facts.”

The host also provided a helpful diagram to explain it:

John Oliver

Featured image via YouTube.

Oliver also mentioned the reports that claim Trump, via his son Trump Jr., offered Kasich the VP position with the “bonus” of being able to shape all foreign and domestic policy. When Kasich’s campaign reportedly asked Trump Jr. what his father would in charge of, he allegedly answered, “making America great again,” which the comedian pointed out wasn’t a real job, “but I guess it feels like one, and it seems like that’s all that f*cking matters.”

Featured image via YouTube.



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