John Oliver: Donald Trump Is One Flaming Guitar Player From Turning Campaign Into ‘Fury Road’ (VIDEO)

John Oliver just called Donald Trump an “ill-fitting suit full of chickens coming home to roost,” and then got a little rude. The disgusting GOP frontrunner has disavowed any responsibility for the escalating violence at his rallies, and Oliver is having none of it.

Now, let’s be honest, a Trump rally being cancelled due to violence is the most predictable thing to happen in this campaign  since Donald Tump mentioning the size of his d*ck.

Donald Trump is a liar. His latest YUUUUGGE lie is that he doesn’t condone or encourage violence at his rallies, Oliver presents a compilation of times that he actually called for violence, or just waxed nostalgic for the days when violence against (black people) protesters was considered commonplace and acceptable. Of course, in Trump’s narcissistic fool’s paradise this is not “encouraging” violence, in fact, he claims he would never do that even though we have him on video actually doing exactly that.

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Hopefully, videos like this make their way into courts across the country, and people subjected to the violence that Trump is calling forth from followers all too willing to enforce the shiny fascist’s regular calls for hatred to become a tangible, physical act of violence at his rallies. Anyone thinking that his so-called deportation forces or militarized police would be less bloody than any other man waving the Nationalist flag and promising to “make X country great again” by getting rid of undesirables and putting Christian whites back above all others again is a fool.

The troglodyte is showing us now what a country under his leadership would look like.

As Oliver put it:

Donald Trump is one flaming guitar player from turning this campaign into Fury F*cking Road. 

Watch John Oliver show all of us exactly why Donald Trump is a f*cking liar:


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