John Oliver Destroys Texas Republicans And Party-Wide Insanity Of Conservatives (VIDEO)

The rise of Donald Trump seems to be shocking everyone, except the GOP voters who are putting people like him in power. And there are more than just Trump. Yes, you read that right: people with the same bigotry as Trump WON or are winning elections in Texas. Thankfully, Last Week Tonight‘s John Oliver spent an entire show eviscerating the denial of the GOP’s baseless “these people don’t represent our values” whining.

What Oliver has also done is destroy the fiction that people like Trump can’t win because smart people won’t let that happen. It really does stand to reason that “penile politics” just wouldn’t win in a general election, however, it does happen: Robert Morrow, a self-described “Trump on steroids,” who tweeted “I Love Boobies” and mused “would Hillary swallow your ‘c*m’ or would you be dealing with a Lorena Bobbit type situation,” has won the control of the entire PARTY in one Texas election. The severly f*cked up thing? He isn’t even the most insane person to get elected on the GOP ticket in Texas either.

Mary Lou Bruner is the poster child for religion-induced dementia and she won the popular vote for a seat on the Texas State Board of Education — the body in charge of selecting textbooks for the entire state of Texas (and much of the country, actually). She believes that baby dinosaurs were on the Ark, and the reason they died out was because they were too young to breed and there was not enough vegetation after the waters receded. She also thinks that President Obama supported his (made up) drug habit by prostituting himself in his 20s.


Watch John Oliver destroy the conservative fiction that the “Trumperies” their party is actually electing to position of power are not representative of the party as a whole, because, obviously, their voters disagree — this is EXACTLY what they have built:

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