John McCain’s Granddaughter: ‘For This Republican, Never Trump Means ‘I’m With Her”

Yet another member of a prominent Republican family has come out against Donald Trump and in support of Hillary Clinton. Arizona Senator and 2008 Republican presidential nominee John McCain’s granddaughter, Caroline McCain, wrote a scathing indictment of the current incarnation of the GOP and its buffoonish standard-bearer in a blog post, calling the party “poisoned.” She also used the post to endorse Hillary Clinton for president. The young McCain titled the post “For this Republican, Never Trump Means ‘I’m With Her.'”  She says that she has been #NeverTrump ever since the GOP nominee mocked her grandfather for being a prisoner of war.

Caroline McCain praised her grandfather because he “responded with grace and forgiveness — as only a man who was held in captivity for years can.” She went on to add that she has never forgiven Trump for his outrageous remarks, though, saying, “I’ve been nursing a grudge ever since.”

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After that, the McCain went on to refer to Trump as a “racist” and a “demagogue.” After that, she says of the today’s Republican Party:

The party I grew up in, the party I want to work in and change and push to be more inclusive, betrayed me and countless others.
Loyalty to party can never trump loyalty to country. And loyalty to party means nothing when the party has been poisoned.
McCain also defended Hillary Clinton, saying what many liberals have been saying for years, that there is “a demonized portrait that has been painted of her for years.” For the final slam, McCain laid out her hopes for the result of the 2016 election and Donald Trump’s political future:
I want Donald Trump to be humiliated in November and driven far from the political arena for the rest of his life. I’m not a Democrat  —  at least not yet. But this year, I’m With Her.
Thank you, Ms. McCain. Everything you say is true. Welcome to Team Hillary. Hopefully, one day we’ll be welcoming you into the Democratic Party. It sure seems like you’re well on your way.

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