John McCain Shares His One Regret About 2008 And It Proves He Should NOT Be In Office

Old Johnny McCain is a real fickle pickle: one moment he’s playing Benghazi bingo and taking selfies with terrorists, the next moment he’s saying somewhat sensible things. But what’s really odd (and mind-numbingly infuriating), is how the longtime senator can criticize a severely deranged party he helped destroy when he picked Sarah Palin as his 2008 running mate.

It has been 8 years since John McCain released the Wasilla Kraken on unsuspecting Americans, cynically trying to co-opt women into supporting his campaign. Yet with all we know about this proudly ignorant snow grifter, as well as every offensive and breathtakingly incoherent thing she has said, McCain remains loyal. Worse yet, he inextricably took a page out of Palin’s book by blaming the big old meanie mainstream media for her treatment in ’08.

Reflecting on his presidential run in 2008, McCain said his only regret is how unnecessarily harsh the mainstream media treated Sarah Palin.

Watch the segment below:


I think it’s time for a nap, Johnny. After all, this is a woman whose eyes flash vacancy when asked if she read a single newspaper, and used her first primetime opportunity to essentially trash community organizers.

Is it really any wonder the longtime senator may finally lose reelection

Featured image via SarahPalinTruthSquad

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