John McCain Is Done With Trump, Vows To Write-in This Candidate Instead

The rats can’t jump off the ship fast enough as Senator John McCain joins many Republicans who pulled all support for Trump after previously endorsing him. McCain, who is presently fighting the toughest re-election battle in his entire life, was among many Republican leaders to both condemn and dump Trump after his sexual assault comments.

“Donald Trump’s behavior this week, concluding with the disclosure of his demeaning comments about women and his boasts about sexual assaults, make it impossible to continue to offer even conditional support for his candidacy,” the five-term senator said in a statement.

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Of course, Trump totally accepted McCain’s wishes and moved on with his life…. Just kidding! Being the whiny baby that he is, Trump took to Twitter to attack the war hero.

Notice how he’s still sticking to the “locker room” line?

In any case, the Republican Senator and 2008 GOP nominee, a man who ebbs and flows when it comes to reason and decency, now says that he will NOT vote for Trump. But before you start thinking McCain is now racing to to purchase “I’m with Her” bumper stickers, he’s not voting for Clinton either. And no, he’s not joining protest voters in their support for Johnson or Stein. He’s not that senile. Instead, it seems that McCain is going to write in his BFF and war-worshipping Republican pal Sen. Lindsey Graham.

It seems like ages ago, but you may recall that Lindsey Graham actually ran for president in the Republican primaries, but folded quickly.

“He’s an old, good friend of mine, and a lot of people like him,” McCain said. “The fact is, seriously, I cannot vote for [Clinton or Trump].”

I guess being an old friend definitely makes one qualified.

As for Trump, are there really any mainstream Republican politicians who still support him? Anyone? No, Chris Christie doesn’t count.

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