John Kerry Grows A Pair And Tells Congress They’re Having ‘Unicorn’ Fantasies

John Kerry is defending the Iran nuclear agreement in Congress and the exchange is like something you’ve never seen from the normally stoic Kerry.

Republicans are doing everything in their power to make sure the deal does not go through, including fear-mongering and lies. The Republican stance, if you can make sense of it, is that Iran is run by bad guys and we should never trust bad guys. Of course, that stance would pretty much negate every single peace treaty that’s ever been negotiated, but why let facts stand in the way of obstructing Obama?

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During the exchange, Republicans in Congress kept cutting Kerry and his witnesses off. They were giving them just five minutes of time. It got pretty heated too:

“In one bit of sparring, Rep. Scott Perry of Pennsylvania said Iran is like ‘a crocodile or a shark’ that’s about to be given more teeth, and that the Obama administration should have sought a stronger agreement, such as a treaty, no matter what Iran’s leaders wanted.

“’If the ayatollah doesn’t like it and doesn’t want to negotiate it, oh, boohoo,’ the Republican said. ‘We’re here for America. We stand for America. You represent America.’

Source: Politico

Then Kerry, who is usually quite reserved, shot back, first by mentioning his military career.

“’Congressman, I don’t need any lessons from you about who I represent,’ Kerry retorted moments later. ‘I’ve represented and fought for our country since I was out of college. So don’t give me any lessons about that, OK?’

“At one point, he practically yelled: ‘What this agreement is supposed to do is stop [Iran] from having a nuclear weapon. Now I want to hear somebody tell me how they’re going to do that without this agreement.’

When asked if there might be a better deal to be had, Kerry called that a “unicorn fantasy.”

Right now it’s still an uphill battle to get the agreement through Congress, but slowly, even strongly pro-Israeli Senators are climbing on board, recognizing that the agreement is best for the entire region. Of course, so far, they are Democrats.

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